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Mission Statement

To create empowering opportunities through an equitable, rigorous, and holistic education for all Christel House Indianapolis students and alumni so they actualize their aspirations and develop effective leadership skills.

Vision Statement

Christel House Indianapolis students and graduates are world changers. Every one. Every day.

Our Values

Around the world, Christel House students are empowered to realize their full potential and supported in an environment that allows them to learn and grow as individuals. Their experience is grounded in four foundational values of responsibility, respect, integrity, and independence that were put in place by our founder, Christel DeHaan.

At Christel House Indianapolis, our students, faculty and staff focus on the foundational values on a daily basis, and we also are grounded in the following statements to help shape the educational experience of our students and our interactions with the community.  

● Inclusivity – Diversity of thought and perspective makes us stronger.  Everyone is unique and brings their own experiences, identities, culture, and ideas to their decision-making process and interactions with others. At Christel House Indianapolis we strive to provide the skills for our students to learn and interact with each other because our society will be stronger by working and learning together.

● Inspiration – Students who are inspired are more successful in school and in life.  Christel House Indianapolis encourages students to dream big and assists them in setting a foundation to fulfill their aspirations.  

● Lifelong learning – Learning should never end. Our faculty are reflective and look for new ways to grow and engage, and our students learn from those examples to continuously develop new skills that they can utilize in all aspects of their lives.  

● Engagement - Whatever it takes for our students. All students deserve to be engaged in school and have an advocate who will walk beside them. Christel House Indianapolis builds relationships and connections with our students, their families, and our community partners to provide the best experience possible. Our students witness first-hand the importance of strong relationships and building trust in every aspect of their lives.